Hikaru Utada CONCERT TOUR 2018
The member registration for the ticket site and registration of face photo
The member registration (free) is required for Hikaru Utada CONCERT TOUR 2018 ticket application.
We will check the identity by looking at the registered face photo,when entering the performance day.
Please be sure to register your face photo at this ticket site and apply for a ticket.

※ If you apply for two tickets, your companion who entering the venue together must register for membership and face photo registration.
※ The member registration requires an e-mail address.

Please be sure to register your own face photo to this ticket site.
・ If face photo is not registered within the application period or the status of the registered face photo becomes "NG", you will not be eligible for the lottery.
Also, please note that if the examination status is "OK", you can not change the registration photo after that.
・ Depending on the content of registration photo, we may ask you to re-register your face photo within the validity period.
・ If you can not verify your identity by face photo recognition when you enter the venue, we may check your identity card.
・ Passcode is a code for identifying customer's information including face photo.
Passcode will be issued automatically when you register as a member to the ticket site
Applicant Procedure
The member registration for the ticket site.
Register to Hikaru Utada CONCERT TOUR 2018 ticket site.
When proceeding with ticket application、
you can register for the members of the ticket site.
E-mail will be send from "@ticket-hikaruutada20th.com"domains.
The registration of your face photo (passcode)
If your face photo is not registered yet, Registration of a face photograph is required to complete the application.
In order to proceed smoothly, please prepare your face photo before applying.
Enter the pass code and date of birth of your companion enter the venue together.
If you apply for 2 tickets, you need "passcode" and "date of birth" of your companion.
Payment / payment
In the lottery result confirmation period, the lottery result for your tickets will be sent to your E-mail address or you can check it at your "my Page" of this ticket site.
If you are elected, please pay with the payment method your chose by the payment deadline.
Procedure of companion
The member registration
The companion must also register as members of this ticket site. Please check "Terms of service" on "Application form" on the application page, enter your e-mail address and click "I agree".
The member registration mail of this ticket site will be sent to the e-mail address you registered.
Please click on the stated URL to complete the membership registration.
E-mail will be send from "@ticket-hikaruutada20th.com"domains.
Register face photo (passcode)
Register your face picture from "My face photo (passcode) registration" your "my Page".
After completing the face photo registration, please tell your "passcode" and " date of birth " to your applicant.
Go to the member registration ・ Face photo registration from here
※ Please tell your "passcode" and "date of birth" to your applicant after completion of face photo registration.
Registration of face photo (passcode)
Please upload your face photo from the My page "Register face photo (passcode)" and register.

(1)Please click "Register photo" from "Register face photo (passcode)" in your "my Page".
Then select the face photo from your PC ·or Smartphone from the "Select file" button, then click the "Face photo upload" button to proceed.
For notes on face photo to be uploaded, please check the following.
(2)Crop the photo according to the guide and make the photo to the correct size.
Then press "Preview" and confirm the image, please press the "Next" button.
(3)Please compare the trimmed photo with the sample photo.
Please check the notes on face photo registration. And if there is no problem, please check it and click on "register" to finish registration of face photo.
(4)The registered face photo and your passcode number are displayed.
(5)It will be OK if "Screening" appears on the screen.
Please wait for announcement results of face photo.

※If the face can not be recognized clearly on your upload photo, "NG" is displayed immediately.
Please re-check notes on face photo registration and register the correct face photo again.

It will take about a week for announcement results of face photo.
We will inform you of the results by e-mail and "my Page" of this ticket site.

If the status becomes "NG", please check the reason and re-register your face picture.
Please note that registration photo can not be changed when the status changes to "OK".
The criteria for registration of face photo.
1.As well as a general certification photo, it must be a photo that faces the front and the face can be clearly recognized (one with no bangs on the eyebrows)
2.The background of the face photo must be plain
3.Only the person to register is at the photo. no cap, no sunglasses, no mask, no muffler.
4.Your face is not hidden by hand or something else.
5.The photo is not taken with print seal machine and not use the image processing using application software.
6.It must be a photo taken with a cell phone or a digital camera within 3 months (a driver's license photo or passport photois impossible.)
7.The size of the photo that can be registered is up to 5 MB.
The file format is JPG / JPEG."
8.It must be a photo with moderate brightness.(too bright , or too dark photo is impossible)
9.It must be a photo of the whole face including the head part.
※Those who are wearing eyeglasses when taking a photo, please be careful not to hide their eyes or reflect the lens.
※Please do not wear the colored PC glasses.
Dark or backlit
My eyeglasses are on my eyes
Light is too much
It is not in focus
I am shooting through a mirror
A piece is hanging on the face.
The picture is blurred
It is reflected as a poster
I close my eyes.
It is reflected with a stuffed doll
※For handling of personal information including registered face photograph images, pay attention to keep confidentiality of personal information. Also, we will take measures to prevent any unauthorized access by third parties, information leakage / loss, falsification of information, etc.
For details about the handling of personal information, please confirm the privacy policy below.
privacy policy