About application
In order to apply for tickets, a new member registration is required to this ticket site. (The member registration is free.)

We will check the identity by looking at the registered face photo when entering the performance day. Please be sure to register your face photo at this ticket site and apply for a ticket.
※If you apply for two tickets, your companion who enter the venue together must register for the membership and face photo registration.

・Applicant are allowed to purchase up to 2 tickets per order.
・If you purchase 2 tickets, either one must apply as an applicant.
・Members who are accompanying are also required to register as members of this ticket site. If you will come to the venue as a companion, please tell your passcode and date of birth to the applicant.
・Purchase of the tickets is one time only, regardless of applicant or companion for each pre-order.
・If face photo is not registered within the application period or the status of registered face photo becomes ”NG”, you will not be eligible for the lottery.
※No entry is allowed under 3years old. Charged for over 4 years old.

Application Method
【1】Please access to order detail page which customer want to order, and proceed to order the ticket.

【2】When applying for two tickets, you need "passcode" and "date of birth" of your companion.
※The companion must register the membership (free) and face photo (passcode) to this ticket site before applying.
※Applicants must get the "passcode" and "date of birth" of their companion before applying.
Go to the member registration ・ Face photo registration
※ If you will enter the venue as a companion, please tell your "passcode", "date of birth" to your applicant, after your registration has been done.
About change /cancelation of your application
・Change or cancelations of your application can be made only within the application period. Please cancel once at your “My page” and apply again.
・Please understand that you can not change or cancel your order after the application period.
About lottery result・ payment method
・Please check your lottery result on your “my page” in this ticket site during the confirmation period.
・We will also send your lottery results to your E-mail address you registered on this ticket site.
・Please be sure to complete the payment procedure during the period.
・If you did not pay, your order will be automatically canceled.

Payment at "Convenience store ・ Pay-easy ・ Seven Eleven"
If you pay at a convenience store, please obtain a "payment number".
If you pay by Pay-easy, please obtain the three numbers "storage agency number", "confirmation number" and "customer number".
Please obtain these numbers and pay by the due date.

※If you are living outside of Japan, you can only pay by credit card.

When payment with "credit card"
※If you pay by credit card, it will be automatically settled immediately upon winning. If you are elected by lottery tickets, please proceed to the application details page from the order number of “Application history list” which is in your “My page” and confirm that the settlement is completed.
How to enter the venue
Entry with using the digital ticket.
・Please get your digital ticket from your “My page” in this ticket site about a week before the event day.
・To use the digital ticket, you need your smartphone on the event day.
・In order to enter the venue on the performance day, both the applicant and companion must bring their own digital tickets.
※ The applicant and companion can get the degital ticket from each "My page(マイページ)" in the ticket site.
※There is a possibility to check your ID when entering the venue.
Please bring your “public identification (copy not allowed)” on the event day.
※you can not change or cancel your order after the application period.
※OPEN/START time may change from the time announced.
※Applicants are strictly prohibited to resale your ticket to the third party.
Also, acts provided to third parties for resale are prohibited.
※Depending on the browser of use and its version, your personal setting and your smartphone model, this site may not be displayed correctly.

[Caution] This note is subject to change without notice.
About the matching service (The ticket transfer & purchasing system)
For more information,please check at "matching page".
・For more information or inquiries about the ticket,
Please contact to Hikaru Utada 20th Ticket Information Center
TEL:050-5894-3713(Weekdays 13: 00 ~ 17: 00)
Inquiries by E-mail is here
※If you have any questions, please check the “FAQ page” first.